GNU Queue load-balancing system:
How does Queue compare with the commercial LSF product?
LSF is a commercial product from Platform computing that supports many of the same features that Queue does.

LSF's principal disadvantage is its price and its lack of source code.

GNU Queue is free and has publicly available source code, making it easy to customize and support, both in-house and by the flourishing Internet community.
High quality free and open source programs typically become de-facto Internet standards, and this is our goal for Queue. Availability of the source code also allows rapid development as hundreds of users help improve, customize, and upgrade GNU Queue by contributing patches and improvements.

GNU Queue doesn't quite support all of features of LSF yet, but we're working on it....

Queue also has some features LSF doesn't, such as a true batch processing environment with optional job queuing (no pun intended) of both batch process jobs and jobs submitted via the proxy process mechanism.

For most load-balancing and batch processing applications requiring load-balancing of interactive jobs, shell scripts, GNU Queue should be the correct choice given its cost (free), simplicity, and easy support through availability of source code and an Internet support community.,

Answers in this category:
Does Queue have commands like LSF to administrator commands to suspend/manipulate/monitor any/all jobs or queues within the system?
Does Queue allow (optional) automated resubmission of a job that dies due to a downed machine like LSF does?
Does Queue have shared resources - there can be no more than 'NN' jobs running in the system of this type at any given time (across all queues) like LSF?
Does Queue report job resource usage information like LSF?
Does Queue have the ability to have more than one OS in a single cluster?
Does Queue have a parallel make like LSF?
Does Queue have the ability to 'extend' the resources associated with individual hosts, to advertize things that make each machine special?
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