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Power-law behaviour applies to a wide variety of genomic properties
Luscombe, N., Qian, J., Zhang, Z., Johnson, T., and Gerstein, M.

A tool for plotting the distributions of various genomic properties:Distributor

Protein-fold occurrence in genomes: the power-law behaviour and an evolutionary model
Qian, J., Luscombe, N., and Gerstein, M. (2001), J. Mol. Biol. 313(4)

Fitting for 20 genomes [.pdf][.gif]

The relationship between N0 and Ngene. [.pdf][.jpg]

Download table for fold occurrence in 20 genomes

Analytical evolutionary model for protein fold occurrence in genomes, accounting for the effects of gene duplication, deletion, acquisition and selective pressure
Kamal, M., Luscombe, N., Qian, J., and Gerstein, M.