The C. elegans immunoglobulin domains

The immunoglobulin fold comprises several distinct superfamilies as classified by SCOP. Here we list the matching sequences we found in the complete genome of C. elegans following this classification system. Here is the complete sequence of the C.elegans proteome we used in our searches.

Combined FastA and PsiBlast searches:

Comparing the results with other methods:

We compared our results with the SMART collection of protein domains. Despite the different approach used by SMART we found that our results largely agree with theirs:
  • 67 ORFs were found both by SMART and our Combined method.
  • SMART found an additional 10 ORFs, each ORF having only one IG domain.
  • We also found an additional 10 ORFs, many of them having several IG domains. Most of the additional ORFs were also found by Pfam.