Figures and Tables

    Figure 1:
    Average composition and length of the transmembrane annotations in Swiss-Prot.

    Figure 2:
    Amino acid composition at different positions in the transmembrane sequences used for the analysis.

    Figure 3:
    Occurrence of Gly-Gly pairs and relative expectations.

    Figure 4:
    Frequencies of the observed residues in the most significant pairs.

    Figure 5:
    Normalized occurrences of pairs formed by combinations of Ile, Val and Gly.

    Figure 6:
    Odds ratios of pairs formed by similar residues.

    Figure 7:
    Triplet analysis: interaction of a third residue with the GG4 pair.

    Figure 8:
    Structural example of a pair formed by two beta-branched residues at i, i+4.

    Table 1:
    Transmembrane annotations in the Swiss-Prot database.

    Table 2:
    The 30 most significant over-represented and under-represented pairs sorted by significance.

    Table 3:
    The 30 most significant over-represented triplets sorted by significance.

    Table 4:
    Result of triplets analysis for all triplets present in the dimerization motif of glycophorin A.

Senes et al. (2000) J Mol Biol, 296, 921-36, Copyright notice