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Genome The full complement of genetic information both coding and non coding in the organism
Proteome The protein-coding regions of the genome 65,600 1096 1995
The population of mRNA transcripts in the cell, weighted by their expression levels
Physiome Quantitative description of the physiological dynamics or functions of the whole organism 3650 16 1997
Metabolome The quantitative complement of all the small molecules present in a cell in a specific physiological state 753 13 1998
Phenome Qualitative identification of the form and function derived from genes, but lacking a quantitative, integrative definition 23,500 8 1995
Morphome The quantitative description of anatomical structure, biochemical and chemical composition of an intact organism, including its genome, proteome, cell, tissue and organ structures 205 2 1996
Interactome List of interactions between all macromolecules in a cell 168 4 1999
Glycome The population of carbohydrate molecules in the cell 77 3 1999
Secretome The population of gene products that are secreted from the cell 100 4 2000
Translatome The population of mRNA transcripts in the cell, weighted by their expression levels 41 1 2001
Fluxome The population of proteins weighted by their fluxes 10 1 1999
Localizome The localization of various proteins, both in terms of cell type and subcellular compartments 10 - 2001
Pseudome The population of pseudgenes in the cell 4 - -
Ribonome The population of RNA-coding regions of the genome 11 - -
Orfeome The sum total of open reading frames in the genome, without regard to whether or not they code; a subset of this is the proteome 418 - -
Regulome Genome-wide regulatory network of the cell 36 - -
Cellome The entire complement of molecules and their interactions within a cell 27 - -
Operome The characterization of proteins with unkown biological function 17 - -
Transportome The population of the gene products that are transported; this includes the secretome 9 - -
Functome The population of gene products classified by their functions 18 - -
Foldome The population of gene products classified by their tertiary structure 11 - -
unknome Genes of unkown function 4 - -

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