MBB452a Projects

Name Project Title Link
Jennifer M KavranThe Role of Gap Penalties in Searching for Distant HomologueJennifer-M-Kavran.html
Dov S GreenbaumJunk? Dov-S-Greenbaum.html
Hei B KwokAlignment MethodsHei-B-Kwok1.html
Anthony J LewisThe Visual Display of Biological InformationAnthony-J-Lewis2.html
Daniel J KleinConformational Space Annealing in Structure PredictionDaniel-J-Klein.html
Helen H LeeExtricating Protein Struc for Protein Struc PredictionHelen-H-Lee.html
Meg S SullivanThe Role of Bioinformatics in Understanding EvolutionMeg-S-Sullivan2.html
Ann L MillerThe Evolution of Phylogenetic ClassificationAnn-L-Miller1.html
Samuel C StubblefieldComments on the Difficulty of Protein Tertiary Structure ...Samuel-C-Stubblefield.html
John C NewmanProtein Docking and Rational Drug DesignJohn-C-Newman1.html
Michael V KestenbaumDynamic AlgorithmsMichael-V-Kestenbaum.html
Michael V KestenbaumDynamic AlgorithmsMichael-V-Kestenbaum.tar
Sang-Won KimAlignment MethodsSang-Won--Kim.txt
Barry M FineBLAST and Subtle HomologiesBarry-M-Fine.html
Gloria P HsuProtein Structure Alignment and Pattern RecognitionGloria-P-Hsu1.html
Suk-Jo KangAssignment of protein functions from genome sequencesSuk-Jo--Kang.html
Shaheen P Karim The PAM and Risler Residue Substitution MatricesShaheen-P-Karim2.html
Shaheen P KarimThe Risler and Dayhoff Residue Substitution Matrices Shaheen-P-Karim3.html
Lisa M HowieSolution of the Sphere-Packing ProblemLisa-M-Howie1.txt
Man Wah So3 Approaches to Construct Phylogeny Based On Entire GenomesManWah--So2.html
Lisa M HowieSolution of the Sphere-Packing ProblemLisa-M-Howie1.html
Ana T QuinonesBiomolecular Interactions and DOCKAna-T-Quinones.html
Michael J RasiejSequenceShop 1.0b Applet (Sequence Alignment Utility)Michael-J-Rasiej3.html
Michael J RasiejSequenceShop 1.0b Applet (Sequence Alignment Utility)Michael-J-Rasiej2.tar
Jesse J RinehartCOGs and Comparative GenomicsJesse-J-Rinehart.html
Patricia M StricklerA Brief Overview of Tree-building Methods in PhylogeneticsPatricia-M-Strickler.html
Christopher R WalkerImproving Voronoi AccuracyChristopher-R-Walker1.html
Marina V GranovskayaAlignment - Approaches and Applications.Marina-V-Granovskaya.html
Jeremy M GoreComparison of Protein and Nucleic Acid SequenceJeremy-M-Gore.tar
Jeremy M GoreComparison of Protein or Nucleic Acid Sequences (descrip)Jeremy-M-Gore.html
Lara A ElyRole of Bioinformatics in Viral Taxonomy and PhylogenyLara-A-Ely1.txt
Timothy R SmithtestingTimothy-R-Smith.html
Timothy R SmithIdentifying Functional Regions in Noncoding SequencesTimothy-R-Smith2.html
Thaddeus D PollockMicroarray Gene Expression Data AnalysisThaddeus-D-Pollock.html
Thaddeus D PollockMicroarray Gene Expression Data AnalysisThaddeus-D-Pollock.txt

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