Motions in
Membrane Proteins

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M Gerstein & C Chothia (1999), "Proteins in Motion,"


Datafiles on Packing from using Volume Program

Summary table describing the very tight packing in the known membrane protein structures [enlarged table]

Raw packing results on membrane proteins based on comparison standard ProtOr volumes

Raw packing results based on comparison with alternate set of reference volumes (BL- set)

Membrane Proteins in Genomes via GeneCensus

Occurence of membrane proteins in the C. elegans (CE), E. coli (EC), M. genitalium (MG), and yeast (SC) genomes.

Rationale for the identification threshold

Graphs of Frequency of TM-helices [Normal, log-log]

Older results (1997,1998) on more genomes

Database of Macromolecular Motions

Asparate Receptor Motion Report
Bacteriophage Pf1 coat protein Motion Report
Bacteriorhodopsin Motion Report
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Motion Report
Potassium Channel Motion Report