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Data for Aquifex aeolicus ORF gi|2982764

Structural Annotation for this ORF
Genecensus Resources for Aquifex aeolicus

Genome image courtesy of NCBI

General Organismal Information
ORF idgi|2982764
Organism Categoryeubacteria, gram negative
Number of ORFs in Genome1522
Physiological Conditions of Organism95 C

Genomic Information
Amino Acids in Genome (most->least)L; E; K; V; G, I; A; F, R, S; D, N, P, T, Y; H, M, Q; C, W
Amino Acids in Helices (most->least) (plot)L; E; K; A, I; W; R; F, S; T, Y; D, Q; G, M, N; H, P, W; C

Other resources
NCBI annotation for gi|2982764
NCBI Complete genome annotation located here.