COG category



48J, 49J, 51J, 52J, 80J, 81J, 87J, 88J, 89J, 90J, 91J, 92J, 93J, 94J, 96J, 97J, 98J, 99J, 100J, 102J, 103J, 184J, 185J, 186J, 197J, 198J, 199J, 200J, 255J, 256J


13J, 16J, 18J, 60J, 124J, 143J, 162J, 441J, 525J, 172J, 442J, 495J


30J, 125F, 149C, 201N, 541N, 552N, 101J, 532J, 126C, 112E

Table 4. List of 52 COGs obtained by stratified random sampling.

Each orthologous group of proteins has one unique identifier shown in the second column where the alphabatical characters signify the functional classes. In our study, 52 orthologous groups of proteins are classified into three general categories as shown in the first column.