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Expression during the cell cycle (cdc28 arrest and release)

Time points17Time unit10 min
Cells containing the temperature-sensitive cdc28-13 allele were grown in YPAD medium at 25 deg to logarithmic growth, then shifted to the non-permissive temperature (37 deg) for 165 minutes to arrest as unbudded cells. The cells were shifted back to 25 deg to reinitiate the cell cycle at START, and aliquots were harvested every 10 minutes for two hours. Transcript abundances for 6218 genes were assessed and normalized. To compare between genes of different absolute transcript levels, the authors' data have been normalized to the initial 10 minute time point as 1.00. The expression ratios for all 17 time points are shown as fold induction (positive numbers, graphed above the baseline) or fold repression (negative, below the baseline).
Cho, R. J., Campbell, M. J., Winzeler, E. A., Steinmetz, L., Conway, A., Wodicka, L., Wolfsberg, T. G., Gabrielian, A. E., Landsman, D., Lockhart, D. J., and Davis, R. W. A genome-wide transcriptional analysis of the mitotic cell cycle. Mol Cell 2, 65-73 (1998).



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