Time shift
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C. elegans developmental expression profiles

Time points8Time unit12 hr(The first and last points are taken from oocytes and two weeks later, repectively)
Until now, genome-wide transcriptional profiling has been limited to single-cell organisms. The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a well-characterized metazoan in which the expression of all genes can be monitored by oligonucleotide arrays. We used such arrays to quantitate the expression of C. elegans genes throughout the development of this organism. The results provide an estimate of the number of expressed genes in the nematode, reveal relations between gene function and gene expression that can guide analysis of uncharacterized worm genes, and demonstrate a shift in expression from evolutionarily conserved genes to worm-specific genes over the course of development.
Hill, A. A., Hunter, C. P., Tsung B. T., Tucker-Kellogg, G., Brown, E. L., Genomic Analysis of Gene Expression in C. elegans. Science 290, 809-812 (2000).



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