Yale Gerstein Lab

We are working on prediction protein function on a global scale, primarily through analysis of large gene expression datasets. Our theoretical work is complemented by collaboration with experimentalists and development of new software tools.

interactions Integration of large genomic datasets has been used to derive information on protein-protein interactions, with the aid of a new algorithm for detecting new relationships from expression profiles. [ papers ]
function We have also investigated the relationship of gene expression data to protein structure and function and protein abundance, primarily in the yeast genome. [ papers ]
ExpressYourself ExpressYourself is our online platform for microarray data processing, which provides an intuitive graphical interface for background correction, normalization, scoring, and quality assessment of hybridization data. [ citation ]
Localization We have studied subcellular localization of yeast proteins based on expression levels using Bayesian network prediction, and in conjunction with experimental methods such as transposon mutagenisis. [ papers ]
chr22 As a part of the Yale Center for Excellence in Genome Sciences and the Yale Center for Genomics and Proteomics, the lab is working on large-scale analyses of transcriptional activity and regulation, principally in the human and yeast genomes, in collaboration with a number of other labs. [ papers ]

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