Pfam 2.1: EGF family.

Pfam documentation:

Accession number:         PF00008
Definition:               EGF-like domain
Author:                   Sonnhammer ELL
Alignment method of seed: Clustalw
Alignment method of all:  hmma -qR
Source of seed members:   Swissprot_feature_table
Gathering method:         Bic_raw 15 hmmfs 17
Database Reference:       PROSITE; PDOC00021;
Database Reference:       SCOP; 1apo; sf;
Reference Number:         [1]
Reference Medline:        8653794
Reference Author:         Downing AK, Knott V, Werner JM, Cardy CM, Campbell ID, Handford PA
Reference Location:       Cell 1996 May 17;85(4):597-605
Reference Number:         [2]
Reference Medline:        8870072
Reference Author:         Bork P, Downing AK, Kieffer B, Campbell ID
Reference Location:       Q Rev Biophys 1996 May;29(2):119-167
Comment:                  There is no clear separation between noise and signal.
Comment:                  Pfam:laminin_EGF is very similar, but has 8 instead of 6
Comment:                  conserved cysteins.
Comment:                  Includes some cytokine receptors.
Comment:                  The EGF domain misses the N-terminus regions of the Ca2+
Comment:                  binding EGF domains (this is the main reason of discrepancy
Comment:                  between swissprot domain start/end and Pfam). 
Comment:                  The family is hard to model due to many similar but 
Comment:                  different sub-types of EGF domains.
Number of members:        854

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