Structural comparison of SCOP domains

Optional second SCOP ID
Report format:

This form allows you to search the results of structural comparisons of SCOP domains of varying levels of similarity (family, superfamily, fold). Simply enter the SCOP identifier of two domains, and if they were compared as part of this analysis, the statistics will be displayed, along with the alignment used to fit the structures (sequence alignment for domains with at least 30% sequence similarity, structural alignment for more divergent domains). In the event that the pair of domains specified was not included in the analysis, the search engine will replace one or more of the specified domains with very similar domains (using SCOP) to construct a pair that was compared and should offer similar results.

It is also possible to just supply a single scop domain id or a single PDB identifier into the first form box.

Example Input

A pair:           d3sdha_ vs d1flp__
A single scop id: d3sdha
A single PDB id:   3sdh

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