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Rank report of d2sodo_

The top-five ranked attributes
fold occurrence in Cele
interaction with beta proteins on different chains [pdb]
interaction on same chains [pdb]
interaction with beta proteins on same chains [pdb]
interaction types [pdb]

The bottom-five ranked attributes
composition percentage of Ala for pdb100d
interaction on same chains [yeast]
fluctuation of expression levels in CDC28
P-value (seq. DE)
year of fold determined
%18.615.213.5 7.1 4.0

All attributes
G(aaeo)fold occurrence in Cele8291 99.7
B(Trp,pdb100)interaction with beta proteins on different chains [pdb]3961 99.7
I(pdball,inter)interaction on same chains [pdb]5011 99.7
I(pdbb,inter)interaction with beta proteins on same chains [pdb]4031 99.7
I(pdball,intra)interaction types [pdb]9501 99.7
I(pdbb,intra)interaction with beta proteins [pdb]7991 99.7
I(pdba,inter)interaction on different chains [pdb]191 99.6
I(pdbab,inter)interaction with beta proteins on different chains [pdb]61 99.6
B(Ser,pdb40)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on different chains [pdb]71 99.6
B(Ala,pdb100)interaction types [pdb]351 99.6
B(Asp,pdb100)interaction with beta proteins [pdb]111 99.6
U(all)pair number170661 99.5
B(Thr,pdb100)interaction on different chains [pdb]4492 99.4
B(Thr,pdb40)interaction on same chains [pdb]211 99.3
I(pdbb,inter)interaction with alpha proteins on different chains [pdb]42 99.3
B(Cys,pdb100)interaction with alpha proteins [pdb]72 99.3
B(Glu,pdb100)interaction with alpha-beta proteins [pdb]132 99.3
U(foldonly)pair number (Domain exclusive)15492 99.1
J(pdbab,inter)maximal Ca atom displacement between structures[Max.]114.251 99.0
J(pdball,intra)overall RMS between structures [Max.]44.201 99.0
J(pdbb,intra)degree of rotation angle about hinge [Max.]180.001 99.0
J(pdbab,intra)energy difference between start and end states [Max.]5469533.001 99.0
J(pdball,all)maximum energy difference [Max.]5469533.001 99.0
B(Val,pdb40)interaction with alpha proteins on same chains [pdb]32 98.6
B(Trp,pdb40)interaction with beta proteins on same chains [pdb]82 98.6
B(Thr,pdb100)composition percentage of Ser for pdb100d11.68 98.1
B(Tyr,pdb40)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on same chains [pdb]83 97.9
I(pdbab,intra)interaction with alpha-beta proteins [pdb]1178 97.5
I(pdbab,inter)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on same chains [pdb]789 97.2
I(pdbb,all)interaction with beta proteins on different chains [yeast]04 97.0
I(pdba,inter)interaction with alpha proteins on same chains [pdb]1811 96.6
I(pdba,intra)interaction with alpha proteins [pdb]2914 95.6
I(pdbab,all)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on different chains [yeast]46 95.5
B(Val,pdb100)composition percentage of Thr for pdb100d9.021 95.0
I(pdball,all)interaction on different chains [yeast]47 94.7
J(pdba,intra)number of putative hinges found in fold [Max.]46 94.1
G(bsub)fold occurrence in Ecol1821 93.8
C(matea)level mating type a1.814 93.5
L(gal)fold enrichment in mating type a2.414 93.5
B(Tyr,pdb100)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on different chains [pdb]3923 92.8
C(heat)level heat shock2.216 92.6
F(cdc28)fold enrichment in heat shock2.816 92.6
B(Val,pdb100)interaction with alpha proteins on different chains [pdb]1124 92.5
G(ecol)fold occurrence in Syne1126 92.4
I(scerall,all)maximal Ca atom displacement between structures[Ave.]62.208 92.1
J(pdba,inter)maximum energy difference [Ave.]286108.198 92.1
J(scera,inter)sensitivity of transposon at condition 67Calc0.007 91.6
X(enz)total number of functions associated with the fold218 91.5
J(pdba,all)number of residues [Max.]6869 91.1
C(sage)level SAGE9.821 90.2
I(pdba,all)interaction with alpha proteins on different chains [yeast]013 90.2
G(tpal)fold occurrence in Bbur234 90.0
C(mateal)level mating type alpha1.322 89.8
L(gal)fold enrichment in mating type alpha2.022 89.8
C(gal)level galactose1.522 89.8
L(heat)fold enrichment in galactose2.122 89.8
L(matea)fold enrichment in SAGE1.319 89.1
I(scera,all)overall RMS between structures [Ave.]25.4311 89.1
B(Thr,pdb40)composition percentage of Ser for pdb40d8.148 88.2
J(pdball,inter)energy difference between start and end states [Ave.]161988.2912 88.1
B(Val,pdb40)composition percentage of Thr for pdb40d7.549 88.0
J(scerall,inter)sensitivity of transposon at condition CyhR0.0010 88.0
C(vegsam)level wild type (J)8.127 87.4
L(vegyou)fold enrichment in wild type (J)1.627 87.3
I(scerab,all)degree of rotation angle about hinge [Ave.]143.3713 87.1
G(mthe)fold occurrence in Mjan245 86.8
G(mgen)fold occurrence in Hpyl249 85.6
B(Ile,pdb100)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on different chains [yeast]26 84.6
X(func)pseudogene complement of the ribbon worm2611 84.3
E(sage)fold percentage in SAGE0.728 84.0
B(Ser,pdb100)interaction with alpha-beta proteins [yeast]217 84.0
I(scerb,inter)interaction with beta proteins on same chains [yeast]022 83.3
E(matea)fold percentage in mating type a0.636 83.3
E(heat)fold percentage in heat shock0.636 83.3
J(scerab,intra)sensitivity of transposon at condition 20Ben0.0014 83.1
G(cpne)fold occurrence in Ctra159 82.6
P(all)seq. identity44.0338 82.4
G(mjan)fold occurrence in Aful260 82.4
B(His,pdb100)interaction with beta proteins on different chains [yeast]07 82.1
J(scerall,intra)sensitivity of transposon at condition 01MMS0.0015 81.9
A(maxcadev,auto)sensitivity of transposon at condition 46Hygr0.9715 81.9
E(gal)fold percentage in galactose0.539 81.9
I(scera,inter)interaction with alpha proteins on same chains [yeast]024 81.8
G(ctra)fold occurrence in Tpal162 81.8
B(Gln,pdb40)composition percentage of Pro for pdb40d6.175 81.6
I(scerb,all)number of putative hinges found in fold [Ave.]2.0519 81.2
B(Trp,pdb40)composition percentage of Val for pdb40d8.677 81.1
I(scerb,intra)interaction with beta proteins [yeast]025 81.1
E(mateal)fold percentage in mating type alpha0.541 80.9
G(syne)fold occurrence in Aaeo266 80.6
Q(all)P-value (str.)8.60E-0344 79.6
L(vegsam)fold enrichment in reference transcriptome0.345 79.1
E(vegsam)fold percentage in wild type (J)0.545 78.9
C(vegyou)level wild type (H)5.347 78.1
I(scerab,intra)interaction with alpha-beta proteins [yeast]429 78.0
L(sage)fold enrichment in wild type (H)0.647 77.8
B(Asp,pdb100)composition percentage of Cys for pdb100d2.095 77.4
I(pdball,inter)composition percentage of Tyr for pdb100d4.298 76.7
B(Arg,pdb100)interaction with beta proteins [yeast]025 76.4
C(ref)level transcriptome5.151 76.3
B(Tyr,pdb100)composition percentage of Trp for pdb100d1.9100 76.2
G(phor)fold occurrence in Mthe181 76.2
G(cele)fold occurrence in Scer482 75.9
B(Asp,pdb40)composition percentage of Cys for pdb40d1.9102 75.0
J(pdbb,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition 9NaCl0.0021 74.7
J(scera,intra)sensitivity of transposon at condition 2EGTA0.0021 74.7
B(Phe,pdb100)interaction on different chains [yeast]210 74.4
B(Gln,pdb100)composition percentage of Pro for pdb100d5.7108 74.3
I(scera,intra)interaction with alpha proteins [yeast]034 74.2
B(Ala,pdb40)number of enzymatic functions associated with the fold132 74.0
B(Pro,pdb100)interaction types [yeast]228 73.6
G(hinf)fold occurrence in Mtub292 72.9
G(mpne)fold occurrence in Mgen096 71.8
J(scerb,inter)sensitivity of transposon at condition YPD11C0.0024 71.1
B(Tyr,pdb40)composition percentage of Trp for pdb40d1.7118 71.1
I(scerall,intra)interaction types [yeast]439 70.5
G(bbur)fold occurrence in Mpne0102 70.0
J(scerab,inter)sensitivity of transposon at condition 75mMHU0.0025 69.9
J(scerall,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition MethBl0.0025 69.9
E(vegyou)fold percentage in wild type (H)0.364 69.8
B(Trp,pdb100)composition percentage of Val for pdb100d7.8127 69.8
Q(foldonly)P-value (str. DE)1.81E-0317 69.6
E(ref)fold percentage in reference transcriptome0.266 69.3
A(kappa,auto)sensitivity of transposon at condition CyhS0.0026 68.7
B(Gln,pdb100)interaction with alpha proteins [yeast]034 67.9
J(pdbab,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition HHIG0.0027 67.5
J(scerb,intra)sensitivity of transposon at condition YPD37C0.0027 67.5
A(deltae,auto)sensitivity of transposon at condition 8Caff0.0027 67.5
B(Arg,pdb100)composition percentage of Gln for pdb100d4.3137 67.4
F(heatec)fluctuation of expression levels in sporulation0.3662 67.2
G(mtub)fold occurrence in Bsub2112 67.1
B(Pro,pdb40)composition percentage of Asn for pdb40d4.7144 64.7
G(scer)fold occurrence in Phor0122 64.1
L(ref)fold percentage in reference genome0.279 63.3
P(foldonly)seq. identity (DE)16.0922 60.7
B(Arg,pdb40)composition percentage of Gln for pdb40d4.0162 60.3
A(nhinges,auto)sensitivity of transposon at condition YPGly0.0033 60.2
N(all)fold occurrence in Rpro0136 60.0
G(rpro)fold occurrence in Cpne0137 59.7
B(Ala,pdb100)composition percentage of Tyr for pdb40d3.4175 57.1
B(Gly,pdb40)composition percentage of Phe for pdb40d3.7179 56.1
J(scera,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition BCIP0.0037 55.4
B(His,pdb100)composition percentage of Gly for pdb100d7.7188 55.2
B(Gly,pdb100)interaction with alpha proteins on different chains [yeast]018 53.8
B(Ile,pdb40)composition percentage of His for pdb40d2.2194 52.5
J(scerb,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition 10Ben0.0040 51.8
A(rmsoverall,auto)sensitivity of transposon at condition 12Calc0.0042 49.4
B(Gly,pdb100)composition percentage of Phe for pdb100d3.4218 48.1
B(Ile,pdb100)composition percentage of His for pdb100d2.0220 47.6
B(Glu,pdb40)composition percentage of Asp for pdb40d5.6214 47.5
B(His,pdb40)composition percentage of Gly for pdb40d7.2214 47.5
X(size)fluctuation of expression levels in development (worm)0.98115 46.8
J(pdbb,inter)number of residues [Ave.]263.6654 46.5
F(alpha)fluctuation of expression levels in CDC150.23111 45.3
G(hpyl)fold occurrence in Hinf0191 43.8
B(Pro,pdb100)composition percentage of Asn for pdb100d3.9238 43.3
B(Leu,pdb100)composition percentage of Lys for pdb100d5.7245 41.7
B(Phe,pdb40)composition percentage of Glu for pdb40d6.3248 39.2
B(Leu,pdb40)composition percentage of Lys for pdb40d5.5248 39.2
F(deve)fluctuation of expression levels in heat shock (E.coli)0.29117 38.1
B(Ser,pdb40)composition percentage of Arg for pdb40d4.3253 38.0
I(scerab,inter)interaction with alpha-beta proteins on same chains [yeast]086 34.8
N(foldonly)P-value (seq.)2.27E-01141 34.7
F(spor)fluctuation of expression levels in diauxic shift0.16132 34.7
J(scerab,all)sensitivity of transposon at condition 003SDS0.0055 33.7
B(Glu,pdb100)composition percentage of Asp for pdb100d4.8282 32.9
S(all)trimmed RMS0.91146 32.4
X(age)average length of fold109285 32.1
B(Lys,pdb40)composition percentage of Ile for pdb40d4.6277 32.1
B(Met,pdb40)composition percentage of Leu for pdb40d7.2291 28.7
B(Met,pdb100)composition percentage of Leu for pdb100d7.1300 28.6
B(Asn,pdb40)composition percentage of Met for pdb40d1.4297 27.2
F(diaux)fluctuation of expression levels in alpha0.25145 24.9
R(all)untrimmed RMS3.39167 22.7
B(Cys,pdb40)composition percentage of Ala for pdb40d6.1319 21.8
S(foldonly)trimmed RMS (DE)1.7744 21.4
B(Ser,pdb100)composition percentage of Arg for pdb100d3.5330 21.4
B(Asn,pdb100)composition percentage of Met for pdb100d1.1335 20.2
R(foldonly)untrimmed RMS (DE)5.0445 19.6
B(Phe,pdb100)composition percentage of Glu for pdb100d4.9340 19.0
B(Lys,pdb100)composition percentage of Ile for pdb100d3.7341 18.8
B(Cys,pdb100)composition percentage of Ala for pdb100d5.7342 18.6
I(scerall,inter)interaction on same chains [yeast]0112 15.2
F(cdc15)fluctuation of expression levels in CDC280.13109 13.5
C(refg)P-value (seq. DE)9.99E-0152 7.1
X(pseu)year of fold determined76403 4.0